Reason for uninstalling QR Code generator extension?


Its extremely disappointing to see you go. Please let us know why you have uninstalled the extension in the below comments, so that we could improve ourselves. <<<<<<< HEAD

// Initialize Firebase var config = { apiKey: “AIzaSyBmRTzQJGi50P5v1iK_w_Q-Z-jufW43XGY”, authDomain: “”, databaseURL: “", projectId: “app-forms”, storageBucket: “”, messagingSenderId: “831498604307” }; firebase.initializeApp(config);

var b = firebase.database().ref("QRCode");

      var c = document.getElementById("reason").value,

        f = { 
             reason: c,
        feature: document.getElementById("feature").value
    return b.push(f).then(function(a) { 
         document.getElementById("submit").textContent="Thanks for your valuable feedback"; });


If you uninstalled the extension by mistake you could re-install it here