Features of CRX extractor/downloader extension

  1. The extension source code is available in github and its licensed under MIT. I can assure you that this extension doesn’t contain any ads or tracking code. You can download the extension and debug it if you are still uncertain :).

  2. There are multiple times where you forgot to make a backup for the extension you have developed, or check how other developers developed an extension. In any of the above two cases you to download the extension as crx and convert to zip file to access the files.

  3. This extension helps to reduce the above process by just downloading the extension as zip or crx depending upon your needs. Go to the chrome extension’s google chrome webstore page and click the extension icon and it will list two options as shown below to download the extension as crx or zip crx extractor icon click action

4.Otherwise right click on the page there you will find the option to download the extension as crx and zip. depending on your needs you can use that. crx extractor right click action 5. Download link for the extension

6.Need any feature?

Happy debugging and downloading.